Research Themes

WP1: Global performance metrics and macro-models for digital communication systems

  1. Cross-layer performance metrics for centralized and for distributed strategies
  2. Stochastic macro-models for communication subsystems

WP2: Stochastic modelling for channel and traffic

  1. Stochastic full-wave modelling of multi-Gbit/s multiconductor wired links
  2. Stochastic antenna and multidimensional propagation modelling
  3. Space-time traffic models

WP3: Channel shaping, and transceiver algorithm design

  1. Signal/spectrum coordination and network MIMO
  2. Distributed MIMO and cooperative communications
  3. Channel and transceiver optimization for multi-Gbit/s backplane interconnects

WP4: Packet buffering and scheduling

  1. Buffers with generalized source models and arrival models
  2. Buffers with generalized scheduling disciplines and packet rejection rules
  3. Spectrum management and opportunistic scheduling in cognitive radio networks